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Myanmar/ Burma

July 2014
Visited Mandalay and than headed off on motorcycle via; Pyin U Lwin, Kyaukme, Hsipaw, Namhsan, and up to Mogok, (the Ruby & Sapphire capital of the world).
30 + hours on over 820 kms and on some of the worst roads I have ridden in Asia.

Back to Mandalay and took the express boat (9 1/2 hours) the next day down to Bagan,
One day visiting some of the more than 2,000 pagodas by horse cart and one day walking around the town was enough.

March/April 2015
Returned to Mandalay.  Off on overnight sleeper train to Myitkyina (20 hours)
Flight down to Bhamo ( they would not allow us to travel this part of the Irrawaddy River because of on going fighting in the area) and than two separate express boats down the Irrawaddy River, with a stop in Katha, (where George Orwell was stationed) back to Mandalay. A fantastic river trip.

Dec. 2015
Yangon for a few days than started heading south via Kyaithkya (Golden Rock) to Hpa-an- Mawlamyine-Ye- Dawei-Myeik and Kwathoung before a quick 20 minute long tail ride back to Thailand. Rented bikes twice (in Hpa-an an Dawei) an had a great time riding around. Traveled by Trains, Boats & Bus’s.

Feb / March 2016
Flew back to Mandalay and than flew north to Khami where the trip down Chindwin River began. Another great river trip, stayed in many small villages an didn’t see another tourist for 7 days.

Nov 2016
Started once again in Mandalay and rented bike from Zach and headed out to do a trip thru the Chin State ( the poorest state in Burma) in western Burma. Highlight was being in the mtns thru most of the trip and visiting the tattooed Chin Ladies outside Mindat.

Myanmar constantly amazes me, the people are so friendly and the countryside is amazing.  Add in Temples, Caves, Deserted beaches, Pagodas, Mountains, Tribal villagers, Markets, Trains & Boats that run on time, excellent dirt tracks for motorcycling and you have it all.